Khalaf Al Habtoor Says The Canal Is Greater Than The Pyramids


The only two things being spoken about since yesterday are the results of the US elections (which left many people unhappy) and the Dubai Water Canal opening.

The latter had a spectacular opening which included laser shows, water acrobatics and fireworks. But the one thing that particularly stood out is what Khalaf Al Habtoor, Chairman of the Al Habtoor Group, said to 7Days.

He spoke of the Dubai Canal project being greater than the Egyptian Pyramids

Here are some things that could explain why:

The project will feature hotels, floating restaurants, luxury houses, private marinas and even parks. Here are some stats too:

  • It is 3.2km long
  • It costs AED 3.7 billion
  • It’s taken two years to build
  • 3,700 workers have been a part of this

He also states it is the most important thing happening right now

Of course it is! It takes vision to change the landscape of a desert to something so beautiful. This is what he’s said about the project on social media:

“The #DubaiWaterCanal#UAE we do not have the word ‘impossible’ in our dictionary. We work and strive for the best, and we always reach the top. God bless the UAE, its #leaders#people.”

Al Haboor City is one of the biggest developments along the banks of the canal

It will feature five-star hotels, residential towers, a water-based theatre and retail and leisure facilities.

Some of the hotels are open. These include:

The Westin Dubai AHC

The St. Regis Dubai

W Dubai

But, he isn’t the only one who is happy with the way this project has shaped up:

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makoum said:

“I am very happy with this project. In the past the Creek used to reach the area where Burj Khalifa currently is, and then used to flow towards the sea in the north. So all that we have done is restore Dubai Creek to what it used to be prior to changes caused by the winds and the sands.”

According to Al Habtoor, this project goes beyond beautifying the city…

“The United Arab Emirates and Dubai are the safe-haven of the world. People who are unhappy with their countries, whether they are European, or American or African or Arab, they come and reside in this country and it feels like home. Therefore to create this beautiful leisure facility for them is at the forefront of the thinking behind the plan and on Sheikh Mohammed’s mind all the time. We are building the canal to create comfort for the people of this country, the residents of this city and to show we are one of the most advanced countries in the world,” said Al Habtoor to 7Days.

He also draws comparisons:

This project is “bigger, more important and better” in terms of location as compared to Dubai Marina and JBR.

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