KYO Dubai Is The Ultimate In Japanese Cuisine And Here Are 5 Reasons You Have To Go


KYO Restaurant opened a few months ago but is already taking the culinary world by storm. ‘Kyo’ translates to ‘entertainment’ and ‘today’ in Japanese, which essentially means, when you visit the restaurant you’ll be entertained then and there. The stylish yet traditional – where it counts, eatery is located on the Golden Mile 1 on The Palm, Dubai, not that you’d remember where you are when you get there!

1. The ultimate foodie fusion

Head Chef, Chef Gregory is possibly one of the most food passionate people you’ll ever meet. He treats cuisine as a science and it is very apparent in his menu. The food not only looks beautiful, but if you remember your slightly unhinged chemistry teacher telling you about chemical reactions, you’ll get why Chef Gregory chooses his flavours. The molten chocolate cake may seem like your typical dessert, however, Chef Gregory has added Umeboshi, which is something that can be likened to a Center Shock sweet – shout out to my nineties kids, but it is an unbelievable combination that is a total must-try.

Img 4612 D
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2. Sushi like you’ve never tried before

The sushi arrives on a sushi boat, which is totally cool on it’s own. However, all the ingredients are made fresh at the restaurant – they even smoke their own salmon. 

Img 4605 F

3. The staff who are the ultimate squad goals

You get a genuine sense that the staff at KYO are a family. They know eachother’s back stories and experiences and after being there a while, you feel as though you’ve known them all for years. Chef Gregory stresses the fact that he wants guests to feel at home at the restaurant and truly cares about customer satisfaction, and it shows! 

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4. The hot stone DIY lunch

Normally, we would turn our noses up at the thought of cooking our own dinner but this is different. The hot stone meal is a really fun way to interact with your friends and family and it helps avoid those overcooked/undercooked issues!

Img 4608 Hs
Img 4610 Hs

5. The Japanese garden haven

The hustle and bustle of city life can be a little consuming at times and it’s nice to get away. With attention to detail, green as far as you can see and the sounds of running water, KYO has created the perfect getaway. What do you mean the restaurant is closing and we’ve been here for eight hours? Don’t make us leave! *holds on to chair*

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