Mall Of The Emirates Hosted Their Biggest Bake Off Yet And It Looked Delicious


It was an absolutely wunderbar turnout over the weekend at the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates. And it was all about that cake. The sale of the longest string of Stollen cake yet, raised AED101,300 for the Dubai Centre for Special Needs. Measuring a staggering 720 metres, this is the hotel’s eleventh annual charity based bake. The cake, a traditional German fruitcake, took a team of fifteen chefs weeks to prepare and was on display from Friday morning until it was sold out after just eleven hours. The event was so popular, even Santa Claus himself showed up for a slice. What? You thought he got that stomach from eating kale? Get outta here! 

Santa’s little helpers took a detour!

Cake as far as the eye could see!

Wait, is this a dream?

Great fun for the little ones!


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