A Meat-Lovers Solution To Date Night On Thursday’s Sorted With This Amazing Deal


Tomohawk Thursdays

Need to take the other half out on a date night or have a client you need to impress and you’re a little bit stuck for ideas? Want something classy that will still knock the socks off them and get you serious brownie points?Also happen to be craving 1.4KG worth of steak? No problem. 

J&G Steak House in the St. Regis have just launched their latest amazing offer and it’s PHENOMENAL. If you’ve never been in the St. Regis before, prepare yourself. It’s without a doubt one of the most stunning buildings you’ll ever see in Dubai and will literally make your jaw drop once you start the slow drive up towards the hotel.

Screen Shot 2016 07 17 At 14 52 55

The offer is on 6.30pm to midnight on Thursdays and you’ll need to make a reservation as understandably it’s quite popular!

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AED 850 for two people and you get:

  • A bottle of red wine (a Bordeaux) to share
  • Bread (that’s so much more than your regular bread)
  • Two starters to share
  • 1.4 Kg of delicious steak complete with four sauces to dig in to
  • 2 sides dishes
  • Dessert to share

Dessert to share

Who doesn’t love smores? Especially when they look like this.

Screen Shot 2016 07 17 At 15 30 16

Ok, ok so AED 850 sounds like a lot but honestly, when you consider what you’re getting and the quality of what you’re getting it really is such a bargain. A stunning hotel, top notch food and a bottle of very easy-to-drink wine.

The more you go…the more you get

On your first visit to T&G Steak House, you will receive a certificate personalised with your name to activate membership of the Tomahawk Club. Upon each visit, your details are saved when Tomahawk steak is ordered on a Thursday. By the fourth visit, you receive a gift of a branded leather steak knife holder. On the sixth visit, members are gifted a specially engraved steak knife specially engraved with the J&G Steakhouse logo and personalised with your name. Membership of the Tomahawk Club culminates after the tenth visit with a branded butcher’s block delivered to the guest’s home.

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