MVMANT Introduces A New Carpooling Plan To Cut Down Dubai Traffic


“Please be advised that it is peak time, so your taxi may take a while.” We’re all pretty much sick of hearing that, plus, Dubai seems to be in a constant state of peak time, which is besides the point. But, thankfully, a new carpooling scheme is due to launch in Dubai. In an effort to reduce the amount of traffic on the roads – we’re talking to you Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, MVMANT allows commuters who live in the same area to share a taxi to their destination. 

How does it work?

If someone in the area has a similar destination spot, you can request to join a fellow commuter in their taxi. You simply register your location and find others who are in the area. From 2015, there were 1.5 million cars registered in Dubai alone, which means over 50% of the city were car owners – and the numbers are expected to rise. 

And it’s over four times cheaper than a Dubai Taxi…

If that’s not enough, it will actually be cheaper, a lot cheaper. The Dubai Taxi rate is roughly AED 1.87 per kilometre whereas MVMANT will cost 40 fils per kilometre. MVMANT will be introducing the scheme early next year with 15 cars to start. The company is expecting Mirdif to be the first neighbourhood to be introduced to the scheme. The concept sounds like an all-around great idea for commuters, drivers and the environment!


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