14 Reasons Why You’re Totally Spoilt Living In Dubai


24-hour delivery straight to your door? Year-round sunshine and an unbelievable skyline? All of these are awesome to the tourists but you’re totally indifferent… You’ve become spoilt living here and here are 14 reasons why…

1. You are never more than 10 minutes from a late-night shop that delivers

Craving Doritos, apple juice, or a Mars bar at 3am? No problem, this is amazing and should probably be listed in Dubai Tourism’s manifesto. 


2. Your apartment block probably has a pool

And hey, even if it doesn’t we wouldn’t judge if you went for a cheeky swim at your neighbour’s place

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3. You take a taxi to work on a semi-regular basis

Petrol (and therefore taxis) is redonk-adonk cheap here in comparison with other countries…so why wouldn’t you?

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4. You can shop in the world’s largest mall, tan at the beach and ski on a man-made ski slope

All in the same day

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5. You cannot get lost on the Metro

Well we sure hope not…it is just a straight line after all. Super simple when you compare it with others

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dubai metro – london metro

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6. You’re never too far from a beach that looks like this…

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7. You can go out at night and drink for free

Yes…for free! Not only are there ladies nights, but there are gentlemen’s nights too…Drinks for everyone!


8. Year-round sunshine; you don’t have to worry about carrying an umbrella

They’re cumbersome and there’s always that underlying fear that it’ll pop open when you’re inside, causing you bad luck for life. No thank you.

9. Year-round sunshine; you wake up every morning to clear blue skies

Unless you have lived in a cold country you will never fully appreciate what a treat this is

10. Year-round sunshine…

Shutterstock 211854613

This is a spoiler in itself right?

11. Your delivery man comes right to your door

‘What do you mean you’re downstairs…take the lift!’

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12. You don’t pay taxes

Rumour has it this won’t last forever so enjoy the extra cash while you can!

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13. You rely on maintenance in your building to fix every little problem


14. You’ve become way too accustomed to table service

Ever been irritated because you’ve had to stand and wait at a bar for service? Yep… you’re definitely spoilt.

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