Dubai’s Riverland Takes Being ‘Well Traveled’ In A New Direction


Yet again, Dubai has made it difficult to justify taking a holiday.

Dubai Parks and Resorts is due in October to unveil their latest creation that’s allowing us to travel through time and space. Well, sort of. 

Riverland, the home of the world’s first man-made river, has 4 themed zones, inspired by four different cities of various eras. 

Drinks in New York, shopping in France and dinner in India, looks like we don’t need that private jet after all, Jeeves! 

With another multiculturally inspired venue, Riverland has us “ooh la la-ing” over a Pani Puri as we’re spoiled for choice with where and when to go next.

Around the world in 80 days? Try minutes.

There’s literally all the food

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… and a tonne of live entertainment

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As if October 31st wasn’t the best day ever anyway, Riverland is due to open then, too!

*writes in diary*


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