Jumeirah Residents Are Dealing With A ‘Serial Killer’ On The Loose


The death of four cats has left residents of Jumeirah 3 extremely worried.

In a case of suspected poisoning in the community, parents are concerned about the safety of their children as they could come in contact with the animals. They believe it is the work of a “serial cat killer”. In addition to the four cats that have died in the same area this week, animal activists told XPRESS that ten other cats have died under similar circumstances recently.

Children could come in contact with the toxic substances if they touch the cats…

If individuals have issues with cats in the area they should take the matter to the authorities. This sort of behaviour not only puts animals but also children playing there at risk.

The poisoning has a horrific effect…

A South African resident told XPRESS the cats were “shaking, twitching, having terrible spams and bleeding. They had no heartbeat and their tongues hung out”.

The poison could be extremely toxic chemicals…

Such as organophosphate (OP), strychnine or carbamate. Local vets have pointed out that they see a few cases of pet poisoning every month, not usually to this effect. Most often these are due to ingesting pesticides or traces of it. This tends to be common in cats because they feed on anything that comes their way.


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