HH Sheikh Mohammed Shared His Vision For Dubai 17 Years Ago And Kept His Promises Since Then

Aneesa Ahmed
Sheikh Mohammed Dubai

‘I want it to be number one, not in the region but in the world.’ – HH Sheikh Mohammed, 2007

This video of HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum is recirculating online because of his passion to improve the country since he became a leader

The video from 2007 shows that the Ruler of Dubai has been committed to making the city the greatest in every way, since the very beginning…

He has envisioned the best for his country and its people since he became UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai in 2006. His Highness hasn’t stopped working towards his dream for the last 17 years since the interview took place. It definitely shows with the countless awards and accolades the country has won since!

‘I want my people to live a better life now. To go to the highest of schools now and to get good health care now. Not after 20 years’ – HH Sheikh Mohammed, 2007

This was objectively the most visionary and accountable part of the interview, when the Sheikh responded to the question, ‘Why are you in such a hurry?’. The interviewer, Steve Kroft, asked the question in reference to the Sheikh’s determination to improve the country over a 5-year period instead of what any other world leader would try to achieve in a lifetime.

The leadership of the UAE is something that the world has never seen before; the country is progressing at a rate that was unimaginable. They have exceeded all expectations and broken the boundaries but still continue to develop and improve into the future.

The Ruler of Dubai’s drive, ambition, and humility contributed to the 1 million views the video racked up in just a day, with citizens, residents, and tourists commending HH with thousands of positive comments.

This. IS. Success.


In recent years, the UAE has ranked high in almost every category worldwide. You can read about what the country has achieved this year ALONE and you can only imagine the thousands more!

Dubai Is Ranked #1 In International Tourism And Is The 2nd Most Popular City In The World

Dubai And Abu Dhabi Were Ranked Amongst The Happiest Places To Live

UAE Ranks Second On List Of Best Countries For Migration

Abu Dhabi Dominates The Ranks As The Safest City In The World

Dubai Ranks #1 In The Arab World And 5th Globally For The World’s Best Performing Digital Governments 


Watch the longer version of the interview here where HH Sheikh Mohammed talks more in depth about his plans for the country

You can compare it with the current status of the country and see how successful his dreams really were – and they haven’t stopped!

Future plans are in motion and there is NO DOUBT they’ll be achieved, with even more great changes coming. Read about the plans for the next few decades…

Dubai Is Set To Be One Of The Top Wealthiest Cities By 2030

“The Best City For Living In The World”: Road Signs Around Dubai Are Manifesting The 2040 Change

Dubai’s RTA Reveals Roadmap To Net-Zero Emissions Transport By 2050

Setting high goals, accomplishing the goals, setting higher goals and smashing them too. Only in the UAE.


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