Dubai And Abu Dhabi Were Ranked Amongst The Happiest Places To Live

Mayar Ibrahim

Dubai and Abu Dhabi were ranked amongst the happiest places to live in the world! This is according to a study entitled ‘Cities of Choice: Are People Happy Where They Live?‘ by US Based Boston Consulting Group.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi were classified into two different city groupings: Cruiser Weights and Middleweights

Cruiser weights are cities with an urban population of more than 3 million people. They are also part of countries with a GDP per capita income that is above average. While Middleweights are medium-sized cities with an urban population of less than 3 million people. These cities are in countries with a GDP per capita income that is above average


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In the study, Dubai and Abu Dhabi ranked 8th and 9th in their respective city groupings

Dubai scored 57.2 and ranked 8th amongst Cruiser Weight Cities. While Abu Dhabi scored 57.8 and ranked 9th amongst Middleweight Cities.

Dubai ranked 1st in the ‘Social Capital’ dimension ahead of Washington (57), Singapore (58), San Francisco (55), Guangzhou (65), Boston (56), Madrid (43), and Seattle (34) with a score of 74.

Additionally, Abu Dhabi ranked 1st in the ‘Social Capital’ ahead of Copenhagen (61), Vienna (51), Amsterdam (51), Warsaw (58), Stockholm (56), Munich (46), Zurich (44), Oslo (57) with a score of 83.

In this study, BCG surveyed 50,000 people in 79 cities around the world

Participants’ survey responses were assessed using more than 150 economic, social, and political metrics and indicators across five dimensions. These dimensions included economic opportunities and quality of life, and 26 subdimensions. Of the subdimensions were safety, housing, and the ability to influence events. BCG then combined these objective metrics of city performance with survey data that captures residents’ assessments of what they want from their communities and how well their expectations are being satisfied.

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