The Sharing Fridge Campaign Is The Kindest Thing You’ll See In Dubai This Ramadan


There are several initiatives to help blue-collar workers around the city. While most of them require volunteers to head to labour camps or collection drives in order to assist, this particular one takes a slightly different route. The Sharing Fridge initiative is all about making food available to the needy through community fridges. What started off a while ago by generous individuals such as Fikra Yel and Anar Ebrahim was given a boost by Aussie expat Sumayyah Sayed on Facebook and the result: a campaign that’s spreading like wildfire. Currently, there are 43 such fridges around the city, with each serving around 150 people a day. While some residents have donated the fridge, others are sharing the space and the rest are helping to keep them stocked.

The fridges are usually filled with fruits, laban bottles, juices, dates, dried fruits, biscuits and even meals

Fridge 4
Fridge 3

The group does not encourage donation of leftovers. Residents are asked to share food which they would wish to eat themselves

Fridge 5

They have posters in different languages inviting workers to help themselves to the free food

Friedge 2
Fridge 1

Click here to find out more about this initiative or here to find a fridge closest to you


Note: this article was updated on 13 June at 3.11pm

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