There’s A Man Going Round Scamming People For Italian Suits – Again


The infamous Armani suit scammer is back. He’s been roaming around for ten years now and has recently resurfaced. The man has been seen in different vehicles, including a BMW, claiming he is going to the airport and needs to get rid of ‘Armani’ suits, though the story does vary. The scam artist offers the suits for, what he claims is, a discounted price. He’s been spotted everywhere from Ibn Battuta Mall to a more recent occurrence in Deira, calling out to people to buy the suits. 

This has been happening for years

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And it’s not just in Dubai…

Reports have been made in Rome, Edinburgh and Qatar of the same scam.

Don’t get caught out

This video shows you the procedure of the scam

What to look out for

  • The conversation usually starts with directions to the airport, or another place in the city.
  • There are probably more than one, as they have been spotted in Abu Dhabi as well as Dubai.
  • They have flimsy business cards, sometimes printed on photo paper.
  • They can also claim to have women’s scarves and jackets.
  • The man claims to be Italian and has a fake Italian name – and accent.

If you find this man, get in touch with the Dubai Police immediately.


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