This Man Will Walk Across The UAE For Peace To Celebrate National Day


Mohammad Idris Malek has walked across the UAE before, but not like this. The Pakistani carpenter will walk across all seven Emirates in honour of the UAE. His ‘Peace Walk’ will be over 1,000km and he will set off from Hatta on National Day. Malek, 56, said his walk aims to draw attention to the peaceful lifestyle offered in the UAE that he considers a “model for the world to follow.” As well as carrying the UAE flag with him during his walk, Malek will also carry a Pakistani flag, as a statement of solidarity between the two countries. He hopes to complete the walk in two weeks. 

“I want to send out a message to all people all over the world: Stop the quarrels and the violence for just one week and see what happiness a peaceful life can give you. That’s what we value in the UAE year-round,” 

​Mohammad Idris Malek

Malek’s previous walks consisted of carrying a bag of about eight kilograms whilst walking for up to 20 hours per day. He hopes to attempt a walk from Dubai to London next.


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