UBER Gave Away Free Cupcakes And People’s Tweets Waiting For Them Are Hilarious


So, it’s Uber’s 3rd birthday today. And, instead of people giving them cupcakes, which we should right? They are giving people cupcakes. The thing is, a lot of people want the cupcakes, and they are waiting all day for them. 

When they actually arrive, the UBER in the app has a cupcake on it, and you also get a free mug! Unfortunately, that’s a wrap for today. 

Waiting patiently

Successfully ordered, waiting like…

This is what happens when you have a cupcake arriving

Some people don’t get that you have to use the UBER app to order (Your tweets won’t get you any cupcakes)

Some lucky people got their cupcakes

This guy wants an UBER cup and pen over cupcakes, is he mad?

… the cups are actually pretty cool 

It’s all over for today, but those winning UBER Chopper rides will be announced tomorrow


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