Expo 2020 Dubai Launches 'Passports' For Visitors

Expo 2020 Dubai Launches ‘Passports’ For Visitors

You can now but a fab keepsake to keep a record of your visit to the 200+ pavillions! 

‘Visitors will be able to ‘travel’ around the world, with a fun, customisable passport that keeps a record of their journey as they explore 200-plus participating pavilions’, according to the alert from Dubai Media Office today!

Every passport has a unique number, a spot for a passport pic, and hidden watermarked images

The passport will help you keep track to ensure you visit as much of the huge event as possible across the 182-day event

AND it’s an adorable keepsake that lets you relive the memories once you’re done!

The passport has a special page stamped in gold foil; it featuring a photograph of the nation’s Founding Father – HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan – taken in 1971 when the UAE celebrated the birth of the nation

You’ll also find snaps of the three themed pavilions (Mission Possible – The Opportunity Pavilion, Alif – The Mobility Pavilion and Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion), as well as Al Wasl Plaza – the crown jewel of the Expo site

It costs AED20 and is available for purchase from all official Expo 2020 Dubai stores located across the Expo site, the Expo 2020 Dubai store located in Dubai Airports’ Terminal 3 and to buy right here!

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Expo 2020 Dubai is the next world fair to exhibit international designs that highlight the technological achievements of countries around the world.

This six-month-long event will showcase tech that emphasises three vital themes: Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity. And true to the theme, Dubai has created a humongous venue that was created using sustainable material and was made with the goal of reusing the assets after the event.

Dubai will welcome over 190 countries, where each country will host individual Pavilions that will represent their culture and their innovations! The expo will host technology of the future from the best in the world!

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