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5 Types Of People You Deal With In Dubai That Are Just The Worst

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Dubai has so many characters, it's such a magical place with its fusion of cultures, nationalities, traditions and landscape. 

But there are some people who just completely infuriating, but you have no choice than to deal with. 

Here are some of the most annoying ones. 

1. Car hire agents

So many of these places seem like they're deliberately out to scam you. 

There are hidden fees and costs at every turn, and it's rare they seem to actually want to help you...and do they get some joy in our suffering!? 

2. Real estate agents

Apparently all you have to do to earn a commission in the UAE is post an ad on Dubizzle and leave the door unlocked? 

These guys rarely seem to actually do anything to earn their commission, or give two hoots.

3. Telecoms installation people

That old chestnut "I'll be at your house between 9am-5pm".

 Yeah mate, I'm going to need a smaller window to work with here - I have a job... 

But even then they don't show and apparently 8pm is an acceptable time to knock on your door? 

4. Second-hand buyers

Some of the most entertaining encounters come from trying to sell second-hand goods online. We've ranted about it before, and they just keep doing it. 

No I will not sell my AED5,000 couch for AED100. 

5. Banks

Hidden fees, charges, and zero customer service. 

Also, why can't I deal with a human-being!? 

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