9 Things You’ll Get If You’ve Travelled Solo


If you’ve ever travelled by yourself you’ll know how exciting and liberating it is. Just you, your backpack and the open road. 

Now, while we’re not sure about ‘finding yourself,’ there are a lot of other things you will find when you take a leap into the unknown.

For starters, you can tick off the likes of these.

1. Everyone will tell you you’re brave

Particularly if you’re female. Aren’t you scared? What if you get kidnapped? Can you not get a sinner to go with you?

The reactions are all fairly similar and may cause you to momentarily question whether you really are mad for going alone. Then you head off – and sure it’s grand.


2. You’ll have the 30-second intro down to a T

Your name; where you’re from; your travels so far; where you’re going…blah blah.

Your mini backpacking bio gets old after a while but it’s an easy enough ice breaker and your voice will become soooo monotone after a while you’ll just zone it out.


3. You’ll forget what life was like before Google Maps

No matter where you end up or how lost you feel, Google Maps will be there to pick up the pieces. And it knows all the best bars and restaurants.


4. You’ll forge life-long friendships over food

Along with drinking, exploring and other activities, you’ll strike important bonds when you’re cooking up a storm in the hostel kitchen, trying to figure out how many of the food groups bread and noodles fall under. 


5. You’ll become so good at organising that you’ll wonder why you were never a PA

From sorting out transport and accommodation to mapping out a route, you’ll be putting Dora the Explorer to shame by the time you’re nearly done.  


6. You’ll play every drinking game known to man

If I have to play one more game of kings, just one!


7. While also becoming a professional card player

8. You’ve mastered the art of taking a selfie

Another plus of making friends? There’s not hundreds pics of you on Instagram looking like a loner or a typical tourist. No sirree, the Australian lads and the German girl you bonded with at breakfast are only delighted to get in a few snapshots with you. 


9. And an upgrade to a private room in a hostel is your version of a pampering trip

No fighting over the plug sockets or simmering with rage when you’re trying to sort out your clothes in a room full of eight people!



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