LOL! A Resident Called Out On Dubai For Its Obsession With Putting Gold On Food


With all the major changes going on around the world, Dubai and its obsession with gold have remained unfazed. Staying true to the tag, the city of gold, Dubai proves that whatever it touches turns into gold. Even if it’s a chicken wing.

From fancy gold plated Lambos, to the world’s most expensive ice-cream topped with gold flakes, Dubai has added that golden sparkle to almost anything and everything. Thus, why tourists and expats are always in awe of Dubai’s new and budding ideas that can make the most ordinary of all things into a luxe, million-dollar commodity.

Dubai has done JUST that once again with DUMPLINGS!!

Favourite Asian dish + gold flakes = KA-CHINGG!

A Twitter user shared a pic of Dubai’s newest member to join the ‘covered in gold’ fam

Nick shared a picture of the common Asian dish covered in gold flakes and questioned Dubai’s obsession with always putting gold on food.


Dubai is levelling up! From sprinkling that orange, spicey Cheeto dust on food to sprinkling ACTUAL gold, gold flakes

From Oman chips sandwiches and Cheetos to lotus shakes and now gold! Dubai’s trajectory in a nutshell


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