A Young Girl Chooses A Giraffe Over A Vacation In Dubai As A Prize And The Internet Goes WILD!!


A Dubai resident recently shared a 2018 viral clip of the show
What Would Your Kid Do – hosted by Jason Manford where a small girl had to choose between two prizes and she picked keeping a TOY giraffe over an all paid family vacation to Dubai!!!

I mean… the kid sure does love animals to be picking a TOY…one more time, A TOY giraffe over an ALL PAID TRIP TO ONE OF THE FANCIEST CITIES IN THE WORLD.

Well, the hilarious #throwback video got the reactions up right away and everyone shared how their parents would have taken the news of them choosing a Giraffe over an ALL PAID holiday to DUBAI… *breathing heavily* *making calming notions towards them flared nostrils*

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The footage of the kid who’s answer broke parents everywhere… Got to respect the kid tho, she knows what she wants!

Internally hyperventilating watching that (supremely cute) kid picking a giraffe over Dubai! And the giraffe isn’t even real…

#Parenting101 (for choosing an AED30 toy animal over A *FREEEE* TRIP TO DUBAAAI)

Boy, do we know our parents well or whaat?!

‘I choose the giraffe’! *Cue dramatic Bollywood music as parents stare in horror and watch all their dreams shattering to the floor*


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