Abu Dhabi Immigration Officers Could Not Believe The Age Of This Indian Passenger


It’s not just you, even the Abu Dhabi officials have been left shook about the age of this Indian man.

Rounds of a 124-year-old Indian man named Swami Sivananda started doing the internet once again after the elderly man was stopped by officers at the Abu Dhabi International Airport immigration because they were concerned about his age.

Officials debated that the 124-year-old looks like he’s in his 80’s and documentation errors may have caused a wrongful recording of his actual birth year. Although, this is all just conjecture.

This news soon of the man who lived through three centuries caught on like wildfire and was reported by several news outlets in the UAE and India.

Although Swami Sivananda was previously interviewed for his healthy lifestyle and long life, the UAE social media sites still lit up with discussions over the Indian man’s age.

The viral sensation, Swami Sivananda, 124, originates from Kolkata, India and his DOB is stated as August 8, 1896

Well-wishers had poured in their support for the Indian passenger

Even though a lot of support had poured in for Sivananda people are still stunned at his fitness levels for a 124-year-old


Whatever the reality may be, Sivananda sure did leave quite an impression as he inspired many to take on a healthier lifestyle

Meanwhile, there’s us struggling to drag ourselves out of bed

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