Social Media Is Up In Arms Over New Burger Emojis By Google And Apple And It’s All Kicking Off


Cheese below or above the patty? How many sesame seeds are too many sesame seeds? What is the correct order for tomato/lettuce?

Someone on twitter highlighted the differences between the construction of Apple’s and Google’s burger emojis and, well, it has now escalated to a light hearted suggestion that this may as well start the third world war.

He emphasized on the differences between the two tech giants’ placement of cheese in their burger emojis

The tweet has since then sparked a huge debate on social media discussing the best way to assemble the perfect burger

This tweet eventually evem caught the attention of Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO!

(aka Google’s Big Cheese. I will show myself out…)

Sure, Google makes many many important decisions every day but this might be its most important one yet…


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