This Dubai Chefs Work For The ‘Cook For Syria’ Campaign Is Truly The Good Deed Of The Week


What is Cook For Syria?

Cook For Syria is a London based month long celebration of Syrian cuisine to support the biggest humanitarian crisis of our time. 

Celebrity chefs are creating Syrian inspired cuisine for the duration of the month at certain London restaurants.

That’s where Dalia Dogmoch steps in…

Chefs are uniting to raise awareness for the cause and Dubai based culinary expert and celebrity chef Dalia Dogmoch is one of them, as soon as she heard about the initiative she immediately wanted to get involved.

“The amazing organisers Clerkenwell Boy, Suitcase Magazine and NextGen London for Unicef UK to aid Syrian children are doing their part in a crisis that has reached horrific conditions. They asked if I would donate traditional recipes to their site and potentially a charitable cookbook for the cause.”

This is a cause worthy of our attention

Speaking to Lovin Dubai, Dalia said that being Syrian, of course this cause strikes very close to home. ‘I cannot bare looking at the devastating images coming out of Syria any longer and feel helpless. I have taken my son to a refugee camp in Lebanon and see the horrendous conditions Syrians live in today. This has gone on for far too long, and I can’t believe that the world is still watching. 

I truly believe you can connect people with food, and what the London food community is doing for an entire month with #CookForSyria, is simply amazing.”

Chefs are creating special dishes inspired by Syrian cuisine

Dalia has chosen old Syrian recipes including Harra Bi Isbao and the famous Syrian Barazek cookie .

Follow Dalia’s story

Dalia will be travelling to London for the event. To keep up to date with her journey, check out her Instagram page and Twitter account.

If you’re not already a fan check out Dalia’s YouTube channel

For classic Syrian recipes taken from her mother to dishes with a modern twist, Dalia’s personable cooking videos are worth a watch.

Homemade Baklava…yes please!


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