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A Nigerian Chef’s Tweet Encouraging Cuppy To Visit His Dubai Home Is Going Viral

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Let’s make this happen!

A chef in Dubai + full-time fan of Cuppy Music, It’sTheLazyChef wants Cuppy to visit his home and he’s making sure people know about it.

He sent out a tweet to his 56k followers which contained one request: Seeing as Nigerian artist Cuppy is already in Dubai, can she come to visit his kitchen? And Twitter responded with gusto!

If you wouldn’t mind, I’ll love to host you in my kitchen before you leave. I see we are in same city . Twitter do your thing

Jahmal has a popular foodie Twitter page and his fans are making HEAPS of noise

After 200 retweets the chef was still waiting for a reply…

So people jumped in with alternative suggestions to get Cuppy’s attention

Others are vouching for the chef, simple ‘cos he’s awesome!

Over 4,000 retweets later, and endless replies, The Lazy Chef was still trying to get Cuppy’s attention

CUPPY! Are you out there?!


A quick scan of her ‘gram feed proves Cuppy is living her BEST life in Dubai, she was spotted at the GQ Man of the Year Awards AND the Global Citizen Forum in Ras Al Khaimah


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A post shared by Cuppy (@cuppymusic)

And finally… iT”S ON! Cuppy pulled through and the two are gonna meet!

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