Dubai Residents Are Getting ‘DHL’ And ‘Emirates Post’ SCAMS By Email


A number of residents are reporting extremelyy phishy emails that have resulted in online theft.

It goes like this: You’ll make an order online, and later you’ll get an email or text message from an account claiming to be ‘DHL’ or ‘Emirates Post’. It looks legitimate. You’ll be asked for a small sum, say AED12 to pay for the delivery of your order. If you proceed with the payment, these scammers could use your details to take more money from your account.

Many people are reporting getting these emails, and one Lovin Dubai reader lost AED643 to the scam.

One resident was scammed out of AED643 after receiving this text

Thasneem explains how she was duped out of AED643

I got this message and I had placed an order an Amazon a few days earlier. So I thought this payment was for the shipping of that product. Hence why U clicked and it took me to DHL page – a fake page. It asked me to enter my card details to make an AED12 delivery payment. When I processed it, it took 646 AED from my account! I have since contacted the bank and blocked the card as I noticed it took more money. The bank is investigating.

Another Lovin reader got this email, it’s a fake and it came right after she made an order on a popular fashion website

This particular email came into my inbox – it was particularly creepy since I had recently made an Amazon order that didn’t deliver

Signs to watch out for

First, check the email address. The email address that came to my inbox is clearly not legit.

Emirates Post <>

If you get an email like this. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. Report it as a phishing scam to help ensure others don’t get the same email.

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