This Impersonation Of Dubai School Kids During Rain Is ON POINT


Like how some countries get ‘snow days’ when it snows too much, in Dubai, school kids get ‘rain days’.

So despite the roads flooding, and the city turning to a standstill, once the rain starts to fall, Dubai students are just hoping it doesn’t stop.

TikTok, the current GEM for prostration (it’s Thursday, no judgement please) has literally thousands of #DubaiRain videos that went live yesterday during the rain, but we reckon this one, by @Meh-Jones tops the lot. Why? ‘Cus it’s just soooo relatable.

Kids beg for rain days, the KHDA has just one response

In other news, many in Dubai were underwhelmed by the anticipated storm

But it looks like other parts of the UAE were more seriously affected by the unstable weather

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