Hilarious Footage Of A Tiny Car Racing An Emirates A380 During Take Off Has Been Shared


A video of a tiny car following an Emirates A380 during takeoff has just been found and it’s your big morning LOL.

Looking almost like a ‘catch me if you can’ situation, the car was filmed in Düsseldorf Airport and shared via both @Cargospotter and @Emirates.

Shout out to whoever added the ‘chaser’ music, because it’s nearly too comical watching the car, which actually looks like a toy car next to the majestic A380, as it tries and fails to catch one of the world’s most famous planes.

Düsseldorf Airport got in on the Tweet action, promising an even better show next time

Some Twitter peeps jumped in to praise Emirates

While others jumped in to guess why the car was there in the first place

Baggage handlers be like

The same video has racked up over 340k views on Insta in just two days


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