A Generous Emirati Saved A Couple From Deportation With This One Random Act Of Kindness


A story about a generous Emirati who helped a Kiwi couple at an airport in the Ukraine is doing the rounds and it’s a nice reminder that there are plenty of good people in this world.

Sarah and Nathan Chant arrived at the visa immigration at a Ukraine airport and immediately realised they had left their wallet on the plane. They had no way of getting back on the plane and no way of getting to ‘lost and found’ because you need a visa to access that area – A visa they couldn’t pay for without the wallet, according to Stuff.co.nz.

They faced deportation

It sounds ridiculous but rules are rules at airports and the couple, on a three-week European vacation, faced deportation since they couldn’t afford the visa.

The pair were in limbo and approached Ebrahim, an Emirati man asking him to help, telling him they would transfer the money immediately. Without a seconds hesitation the Dubai based Emirati handed over the nearly AED 800 they needed.

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The man then waited with the couple as they unsuccessfully tried to retrieve the lost wallet, gave them a lift into the city and loaned them money for food and accommodation.

“We couldn’t believe that a stranger would be so generous and trusting”

“We couldn’t believe that a stranger would be so generous and trusting, he didn’t even collect our phone number or email address to follow up with us. I hate to think where we would have found ourselves it it wasn’t for him – without doubt we would have been deported or held in custody until our scheduled flight two days later.”

Sarah Chant, blogger

No hesitation…

“His response was nothing short of amazing, there wasn’t a moment of hesitation and he stayed with us throughout the ordeal.”

Sarah Chant, blogger


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