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This Is Some Good Stuff To Know If You’re A Fan Of Staycations

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Staycation – the holiday you treat yourself to near home without the need really for travelling out.

We believe they are great for many reasons:

1. They provide the much-needed break without hurting the pockets

2. You can enjoy a getaway without using up too many of your vacation days – thanks to (almost) no travel time

3. They’re fun and refreshing

Dubai Media Office released this infographics on their Twitter acount which tells you everything you need to know about this style of holidaying.

(Note: It was a survey commissioned by Emaar Hospitality Group and conducted by YouGov)

63% UAE residents choose Dubai as their favourite Emirate for leisure

Staycations are taken for a number of reasons such as:

1. To relax

2. To spend time with loved ones / friends

3. It’s hassle-free

4. For women, it’s a way of pampering themselves

The activities enjoyed on a staycation are:

1. Dining

2. Being at the pool

3. Brunches

4. Visiting attractions

5. Shopping

What people look for when planning a staycation:

1. Value for money

2. Special offers

3. Excellent customer service

Some other interesting stats:

1. 59% of UAE residents take a staycation at least once a year

2. Eight in ten Western expats staycation once a year

3. Those over 35 tend to staycation more

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