People Are Calling IKEA Out On Being Prepped For The Holiday Season Earlier Than Most

The famous Scandinavian homeware chain, IKEA has already begun putting out their X-mas decors two months ahead of the festive season.
Although for many stores, it is quite normal to start putting up Christmas ornaments up for sale around this time of the year,  (for early shoppers) Twitter still has all a whole lot to say about IKEA’s early Christmas snowdown.
The user that raised a concern with IKEA’s early decors, attracted quite a debate on her post.

Some might say that IKEA is up to snow good

Oh, deer

This is snow laughing matter, Jason!

Someone’s got the right Christmas spirit, Fir sure

Maybe the early festive decors are a part of IKEA’s Claus

IKEA you not, Twitter-town is enjoying going out on the ready-to-assemble furniture chain’s early festive glamming

Even though Christmas is a good two months away, you can’t help but get hyped seeing IKEA’s early Christmas stocks


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