A Scared And Injured House Cat Has Been Found Abandoned At The Sharjah Corniche


Reports of lost pets are often recorded as the animals either get lost by mistake, wander off, or are abandoned by their former owners. In such cases, animals that are kept as pets find it difficult to adapt to the outside conditions and often become sick as they are not able to fend for themselves and endanger their lives on the streets as they wander around unfamiliar roads.

A UAE resident recently took to Twitter to share pictures of a scared house cat stranded in Sharjah corniche, sleeping under a car.

Shatha, who shared the pictures also wrote that the cat appears to have a broken leg and is too scared to eat anything as well.

The cat seems to be an Orange Tabby breed with ginger hair and can be seen still wearing its collar

The Ivy’s Haven Animal Rescue group are known for rescuing stray cats and finding them appropriate homes

The group also posts pictures and details of lost pets on their social media platforms in case the owners come across the pictures and claim their lost pet.

You too can spread awareness and help this cat find it’s owner by sharing and re-posting this tweet and or article

Leave comments below if you think you know who the cat belongs to or to tag someone who’s lost their cat


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