OPINION: Why The Duke And Duchess Of Sussex Should Live In Dubai Instead


The announcement of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family stunned the whole world.

In a matter of minutes, memes were shared on Twitter and the hashtag #Megxit went viral- followed with the re-definition of Meghan Markle’s name in modern urban times, turning her name into a verb and relating it to when someone walks away from a situation that isn’t helping them mentally or emotionally.

In short, there isn’t a lot that can shock the new media age; however, this particular decision was still something worth discussing. In their announcement, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said they wanted to be financially responsible, still tend to Her Majesty the Queen’s duties, while living in Canada. Many are debating their security in the country, with its Prime Minister Justin Trudeau questioning who’s gonna sort the couple’s security.

But what if they live in Dubai instead?

I mean, think about it.

The UK and UAE relations have had a strong connection since the reign of the late Sheikh Zayed, dating back decades. The UAE has an embassy in London while the UK has an embassy in Abu Dhabi and the friendship between the two includes supporting each other on an international level.




If Justin Trudeau’s worried about their security in Canada, it’s highly doubtful that this would be an issue in Dubai

The crime rate is low, people rarely misplace their phones (not that this is a viable example) but overall everyone living in Dubai feels safe and protected. The Dubai Police and other governmental institutions work quick, and there’s no reason not to look after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, should they live here.

Not to mention, the city has recently been ranked as the 7th safest city in the world.

Although, running into the two at any local market would kind of feel surreal, wouldn’t it?

Hollywood celebrity Lindsay Lohan has revered Dubai for giving her privacy

Paparazzi are not welcome in Dubai, and people who take photos of anyone in public without their permission are subject to huge fines or even prison time- depending on the case, ideal in the case of a former royal couple who want to raise a family in private.

Since the two will be financially independent, Dubai could be the land of opportunities for the two

Since both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have decided to give up on their royal duties, this means they won’t be receiving any public funds for those duties. Imagine the web of opportunities that the two could receive here.

Meghan could do a lot in terms of women empowerment, engaging with the culture and raising awareness while Harry could do philanthropic work, motivational speaking and anything else- with the support of the UAE, its leaders and people.


Weather, safety, no paps, *biased, but Dubai is ideal for the famous pair!


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