Is This Pop Superstar Secretly Pregnant And Living In Dubai?


Back in April this year, Janet Jackson tweeted a video to her #janfans telling them that the second leg of her tour was being postponed until 2017 because her and her husband were focusing on “planning a family”. Ever since then, rumours have been swirling that Janet is already pregnant, however as yet nothing has been confirmed. She is said to be pregnant with twins and living in the Middle East with her Qatari husband.

Janet Jackson took a break from her world tour to focus on having a family

She posted this video online in April 

She moved to Dubai a few years ago

The 50 year old pop superstar moved to the Middle East with her Qatari husband some years ago to get away from the glare of the media spotlight and it seems that her life here has afforded here a new level of privacy, making it easier for her to keep everything under wraps.

Pregnant with twins?

Janet Jackson Pregnancy

Very few photos of the popstar have emerged since the news, however since one photo was leaked online showing her carrying a few extra pounds, rumours have gone into overdrive claiming that she is not only pregnant, but pregnant with twins! 

Here at LD we are watching this space but keeping in mind that this music mogul is not only potentially pregnant, but 50 years old and pregnant, we hope that she is granted a bit of peace and quiet in the lead up to the due date! 


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