The Life Of A TV Host In The UAE IS EXACTLY As Exciting As It Sounds


This week on The Lovin Show, we were joined by a lady who proves you can do it alllll.

Sabine Sassine is a TV host with MBC Action. She’s worked on everything from live news shows, celeb interviews, (she once asked 50 Cent if he would consider changing his name after becoming a millionaire!) to being on the ground at pit lanes across the world during Grand Prix season.

Sabine dropped by for the Halloween special of The Lovin Show, (don’t you love her cat costume?!) and shared how she balances work/mom life and joined in our ultimate Halloween game… “Truth…Or Scare!”

Sabine Sassine is an inspiring female in UAE media, thanks for joining the Lovin Show!

F1 fans will already be familiar with Sabine’s work

And you can catch her live on MBC Action!

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