Shark Week Is Bringing It’s First Event To Dubai And We Can Barely Contain Our Excitement


We’ve just heard that a major Shark Week Attraction is making an appearance at Dubai Aquarium and the inner shark geek in all of us is melting.

That’s right Shark Week fans, it’s time to get excited

In association with OSN, visitors can glimpse a first-of-it’s-kind ‘Discovery Channel Shark Week’, an exhibit which incorporates a ‘seamless hybrid of digital technology and living marine life’. Visitors can expect to witness the introduction of new species including Hammerhead Sharks, Bonnethead Sharks and Devil Rays to the aquarium.

Emaar Entertainment And Discovery Channel Shark Week 1 Hr
Emaar Entertainment And Discovery Channel Shark Week 2 Hr

What is shark week?

Beginning on August 28th, Shark Week is a long established annual series aimed at educating and entertaining audiences about shark behaviours and natural habitats in a truly innovative way. It’s the Discovery Channel’s most anticipated summer event that shark geeks that world over dream of, and this new first-of-it’s-kind event is exclusive to Dubai. 

What can visitors expect?

Major attractions include a world’s first digital ‘shark dive,’ in which visitors enter a digital shark cage and experience Great White sharks circling a cage of divers. Situated under the hull of a research ship protruding from the wall of the Aquarium, the digital cage was designed exclusively by LG for the exhibit.

Next up is a 20 metre aquarium demi-tunnel, with huge LG LED screens where guests favourite sharks will be on display, swimming calmly but with potential surprises in store for visitors too!

The event takes place at the  Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, check their website for more info. 


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