HH Sheikh Hamdan Named The Worst Performing Sectors And Twitter Had Its Say Too


The gloves are off.

This weekend, the top three performing government entities were announced, a fantastic initiative whereby entities are scored, rated and it’s all transparent to ensure the government continues to improve.

And HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s Crown Prince left no stone unturned and also called out the three worst-performing government sectors.

Oof: Starting with the good news, HH named the best and worst-performing sectors

And the tweets below sum up the people’s reaction to the news and prove just why DEWA is numero-uno.

People jumped in with their honest feedback

‘The entity is not projecting Dubai’s image well”

Some reallllly didn’t hold back

However, many others had only good things to say

And were surprised at the low rankings

But shout out DEWA. Who literally proved why they take the number one spot

Take a bow, DEWA customer service!

Dubai Customs has vowed to work harder to achieve better results

Dubai’s Crown Prince reminded his followers that the government should be driven by exceptional service

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