Kpop’s SuperM Music Video Filmed In Dubai Has Finally Dropped And It Is Every Bit The Desert Dream


It’s finally here!

The new hot stuff of K-POP, aka what fan armies has gone gaga over called SuperM, have released their debut music video and single ‘Jopping’. And where’d they film it?

Why, no other than the beautiful scenic, futuristic locations of Dubai, of course.

The new group filmed in iconic Dubai settings like the desert and the futuristic Meydan bridge

The birth of the group comes after the success of each members, that comes from other K-pop groups like EXO, WayV, NCT127 and SHINee.

Catch all the heat (and incredible dance moves) in the new MV below:

The song’s already trending on YouTube

…and currently holds the #3 spot (at the time this article was written.) The incredible new music video has also garnered an insaaaane 12.4 million view count that keeps increasing by the second.

The power of K-pop is undeniable


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