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The ‘Expat Accent’ Is Actually A Thing And This Tweet Proves That

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Staying in a city that’s practically full of expats from all over the globe is sure to influence you in one way or the other!

The perks of living in such a cosmopolitan community is that you probably know slangs and can pick up accents from errawhere, but the cons are that you, yourself don’t know which accent you have anymore.

From Aussie to Arabic to Indian to American to Brit, your accent keeps altering like the colours on the Burj Al Arab! It’s not your fault though, the more time you spend with someone the more likely you are to be picking up their quirks and accent and that’s probably something happening to all of us right now.

As a tweep shares her accent dilemma from staying here in Dubai, we can confirm that the ‘Expat Accent’ is actually a thing!

The starting symptom to warn you that you’ve caught the ‘Expat Accent’

And *ding ding ding* we have someone who can testify to the expat accent

Acceptance is always the first step to recovery… but in this case, is this something that we want to recover from?

Catching the expat accent like…

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