Dubai Twitter Is Going Out Of Control With Kylie Jenner Memes


Rise and shine Dubai!!

The 22-year-old viral queen is trending on Twitter yet again! The American makeup mogul, Kylie Jenner recently took to YouTube to post a video where she was seen giving her fans a tour of her pink-themed Kylie Cosmetics office.

It wasn’t all office the razzle-dazzle that resonated with the internet, it was the two-second snippet Kylie waking up her 1-year-old daughter from a nap with a ‘rise and shine‘ greeting song that struck all the right chords with fans errawhere.

It literally took a TWO-second video of kylie singing that tune to plunge the internet into a hardcore meme mode, where celebs such as Ariana Grande
and Tyga seemed to join in.

Dubai tweeps have been sucked into the rise and shine meme epidemic.

We have struck GOLD! The internet has done it goood this time

Kylie greeting the Teletubbies at Teletubbyland like…

Cryinggggg omgg

Clearly not everyone is a fan of raaah-hise and shah-hine

OMG DED! Prince Phillip is shook right now

Is that a chicken?! Oh no that’s just a singing Kylie!

….In case you didn’t get that, it’s a reference to the old Kylie meme *eye roll*

Thas it! Goodbye internet

This is what we call a billionaire mindset, Kylie at it again with the meme merch

American singer, Ariana Grande, also cashed in on the rise and shine epidemic with her own rendition of the song

…And here’s another of Tyga getting in on the meme! The tea here is getting haawt


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