The World’s Most Expensive Shoes Worth AED73 Million With Rare Meteor Pieces Were Unveiled In Dubai


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Shoes for AED73 million?!

Known for breaking all sorts of records, looks like Dubai has done it again by breaking the record for the world’s most expensive pair of shoes.

The Moon Star Shoes were unveiled by the Italian designer Antonio Vietri, onboard a yacht in Dubai Marina on Friday. These shoes are made up of a solid gold heel in shape of the Burj Khalifa and 30 carats of diamonds. Wait that’s not all the shoes also consist of a small piece of meteorite discovered in Argentina in 1576. WHAAAT!?

The shoes were unveiled as a part of the MIDE (Made in Italy, Designed in Emirates) Fashion Week in Dubai

You’ll have the Burj Khalifa at your feet with these AED73 million solid gold shoes

Wondering what’s the need of putting rare meteor pieces – that you can’t even see- in a pair of shoes? … Us too

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