A Toyota UAE Christmas Ad Has Stirred Controversy In The UAE


“If you’ve been a naughty driver this year, this is for you”.

A new Toyota ad that’s just been released in the UAE is stirring debate on social media, with many netizens suggesting the ad glorifies speeding and applauds reckless drivers for good behaviour.

The ad features a number of characters, Sabrina, Rashed, Abbass, Anika and Manuel, and each person’s name is announced along with the number of speeding tickets each has gotten in the past year. Wooooakkkkk. The ad goes on to tell drivers, ‘don’t take it out on the road, take it out on the track’ and offers viewers the chance to win a track race day.

Watch it here


Some of the negative on Twitter suggests the brand is tone-deaf to road safety

With another adding that the ad glorifies speeding

While a comment on the YouTube video praised the brand doing ‘something different’


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