We’ve All Seen It On Social Media… What’s All the Buzz Behind the Viral Tag @alist.ae?!

A List

A-List is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the region and the fastest in the field of influencer marketing. Their services allow them to bring a range of businesses a unique social media marketing strategy by connecting them to influencers best suited to represent their brand. The company has turned many heads by onboarding 10,000+ influencers and 500+ brands onto their platform in less than a year! How do we know this? Well….

To protect its currently exclusive community, the team has deliberately been very discreet about its existing and future business plans. But we needed answers! So after some digging, we reached out to the CO-Founders and the CEO and asked to interview them to feed some of our curiosity that just won’t seem to quit!


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A New Road to Influencer Marketing


As you’ve probably already noticed, the @alist.ae tag has been booming over social media in the past year. So many of us are eager to know more, and so they have shared with us an interesting insight into how it all works. 

They have created a platform where thousands of influencers can connect with businesses to help amplify their brand with a click of a button while benefiting from a range of services and goods in return. The CO-Founders of the company said that they knew right from the beginning that one of their main priorities was to create user-friendly platforms that eliminate the hassle for both users and businesses.  


From their past experience, they were completely aware that there is nothing more frustrating for a business owner than time and money spent for little to no return on investment, and that’s exactly where they step in. They wanted to be the solution to a common problem, which is, hefty price tags, difficult communications, and loads of manual work when dealing with influencer marketing! They saw the importance of centring their attention on their users and to do so, they needed to get to know them better.


The quickest and most accurate way to do this was to invest the majority of their time and capital into creating an AI system that understands their users’ interests and behaviour when using the platform. After a short few months, they were able to collect this data and offer a unique and tailored experience to each and every one of their users, resulting in a better match for businesses too.


Some businesses, especially big corporates with a more traditional marketing approach, may prefer to choose the influencers that they would like to collaborate with. They can do this by going through a list of users that have shown interest in either their brand or those that are similar through the A-List platform without the users’ personal data being exposed.


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How A-List Has Become The New Favorite


The secret to A-List’s success story is the beauty found in mixing modern technology and traditional marketing strategies to generate truly mind-blowing results. Seen for the first time in the region, they have taken the power of modern tech to make communications with their users almost completely automated. Therefore, allowing them to get in touch with thousands in a matter of seconds, while still leaving businesses and viewers with a very human-like and real experience.


Many businesses and individuals are living under the perception that social media marketing is easy. That by running online ads and incorporating a few story reposts, you will magically generate buzz around your business. The truth is, whether you are operating in F&B, Health & Wellness, or even the Beauty industry, you need to come up with a consistent strategy to effectively reach and target the correct customer base in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner.


Offering more than just collaborations, they provide brands with campaign data for analysis, such as their average reach and individual influencer reviews on their experience within an internal platform shared only between the bloggers and the businesses.


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The Users’ Perspective…

The pre-selected list of influencers have access to a variety of exclusive offers and benefits on a day-to-day basis. These offers range from exclusive Events, Dining Experiences, Staycations, Beauty & Wellness programs, and many more that the city has to offer.

Once the user applies for one of the offers presented to them, they will be able to see the general requirements expected from them in return for that specific offer. Only upon their agreement, they will receive a voucher code that can be used in their chosen vendor. Regardless of the type of offer, influencers uploading posts or stories on their social media page, tagging the brand and sharing their experience remains a stable requirement.

Many of these bloggers usually charge businesses directly for the marketing services they offer. However, the question that has crossed the minds of many, is why do the same influencers choose to work with brands for free when using the A-List platform?

The reason for this is thanks to the convenience and extensive list of benefits the company has to offer. Influencers registered on the platform no longer have to worry about contracts or face difficulties communicating with brands. It allows them to communicate with different types of businesses of all sizes, from small local bakeries to giant corporations in one single Portal. The A-List Portal.

Surveys have shown that A-List has become many people’s favourite platform mainly due to their simplified and convenient approach to a previously complicated process.


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An Exciting Twist

As mentioned earlier, the company has had over 15,000+ signups. However, their current exclusive offers are only available to a selected list of people. Rejecting the remainder of these signups was not something that the team was at all interested in considering, as it just didn’t match with their core values as a company. Leaving us with more curiosity than ever, they are excited to announce that soon they will be extending a new range of services to be open to the public. At this given time, the CEO was not able to share any further information about this upcoming project but assured us that they are working very hard in creating a platform that eventually everyone can benefit from.

We can’t wait to hear more!


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A Dubai-Born Company with International Plans

With the successful year, A-List has had, a hefty evaluation and the high demand, the co-founders of the company say they have decided to inject most of their revenue into penetrating markets beyond Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Already having kickstarted their platform in some GCC countries including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar they are planning to continue to flourish in some European countries as well as the United States. We are excited to see them add to their large list of users and businesses in different fields and continue to do what they do best, which is to change the way businesses see social media marketing by providing a new and unique environment for them to work with Bloggers and Influencers.


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