5 Things Dubai Has Proved Possible To The World

5 Things Dubai Has Proved Possible To The World

It won’t be an overstatement to say that there’s no other place in the world like Dubai. And, the world has Dubai to thank for a lot of things. It has time and again proved a lot of things once deemed impossible to be possible. Read on.

1. Coexistence

People from pretty much every corner of the globe, practicing practically every religion known to man hailing from a gazillion ethnicities coexist here in Dubai. Now, where on earth can you expect people from a dizzying amount of backgrounds to live together peacefully like in Dubai?

2. A Building Taller Than 800 Metres

It’s been over a decade that the Burj Khalifa has been completed but to this day no other building has been able to cross the 700-metre mark let alone Burj Khalifa’s 829 m. Quick Fact: Ramadan fasts last about two minutes longer on the upper floors of the Burj Khalifa.

3. Running With No Income Taxes

What you earn belongs to you and your family, individuals don’t have to pay income taxes whatsoever here or in the UAE for that matter. Maybe that’s why we’ve got people from close to 200 nationalities living here. If you’re not in Dubai, we know you’re looking up LinkedIn right now for those potential Dubai gigs.

4. Free Zones

Yes, free zones existed before but the world owes it to Dubai for making them wildly popular. There are countless amount of free zones in Dubai all of which are super easy to set up a business in. If you do set up a company in a free zone, then guess what? No corporate taxes! Dubai truly is special.

5. Surviving A Pandemic

Yes, Dubai too was affected by the pandemic, however, what sets it apart is how it has rebounded. Let’s get down to a few businessy metrics to understand this. Hotel occupancies are nearing all-time highs, real estate transactions are at the highest yearly sales figure since 2014 and Dubai has seen close to 5 million tourists in the first 10 months of 2021 alone. Way to go, Dubai!

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