43 Reasons Why Dubai Is The Greatest City On Earth


This might cause some debate, but us residents know the deal.

We are beyond lucky to live in this city that’s constantly striving to do better. Here are 43 reasons why Dubai is the greatest city on earth….

(In case you needed any reminder.)

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43. Dubai sits on a pristine coastline 

42. Fantastic green park space all over the city

41. Beautiful promenades and walkways

40. More adrenaline-filled activities than you could wish for

39. Local street culture

38. Authentic markets to explore

37. Jaw-dropping high-rise buildings

36. Magnificent free tourist attractions like this one

35. A growing art culture

34. The biggest performance artists in the world have performed here

33. A thriving live music scene

32. A melting-pot of cultures living in harmony

31. Tax free income

30. Iconic buildings that you could stare at forever

29. A world record breaking tower that can do this

28. Unbeatable views (namely the manmade Palm Jumeirah islands)

27. Supercars you’ll never tire of seeing

26. Clean public toilets

25. Inspirational leaders

24. A ski slope in a mall

23. You feel safe here

22. Top class sports facilities

21. Brunch – Dubai style

20. Lots of fitness and health communities

19. Mandi…

18. Delivery of anything at any hour of the day

17. Public transport system that’s cheap, reliable and clean

16. The best airline in the world

No debate

15. A mix of the old and the new

14. Fancy restos with big name chefs

13. Romantic restaurants that will make you fall in love

12. Hole-in-the-wall spots that serve up the BEST shawarma and falafel or cheese manakish

11. Metro and bus stops that have AC

10. Malls…malls everywhere

The biggest and best in the world

9. Year round sunshine

8. Celebs who love Dubai as much as you do

7. You can work here

6. And have a sundowner here in less than 10 minutes

5. The sunsets are like no other

4. A Crown Prince who is just the BEST

3. Dubai is a city that shows no signs of slowing down

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2. It’s the centre of the world

1. And THIS skyline


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