10 Free Home Workouts From Dubai Gyms That Are Actually Realistic


Working out at home on your own is HARD.

No one’s denying it,  but there are small things you can do to make it more manageable:

  1. Gather your buds… on a call, obvs. (I haven’t been to the gym in weeks. I also hadn’t even considered working out at home. BUT this week, I braved a Zoom call with some gym-buddies et Voila, I now have TWO home workouts under my belt. Strength in numbers, people!
  2. Find an easy to follow home workout. One with minimum equipment and preferable if you have someone yelling at you to complete every move.

See, FOOL PROOF. And so we bring you this: 10 workouts  (but actually this is more like the inception of workouts, ‘cus each page features countless more) you can try daily. Bookmark this page folks, in case we’re in this for the long haul…



10. The Peach Lab has a full library of home workouts!

For all fitness levels, this is a lite version of Peach Lab On Demand which provides a full library of home workouts. Get it done! Click here to get started.


9. Barry’s Bootcamp DXB – Barry’s at Home

Tune in daily at 10am for a 30 mins full body live workout – check them here


8. Get moving with this body movement series by Iconic Fitness, Dubai Marina

7. Yasir Khan is bringing the gym to the comfort of your home with nutrition advice and, you guessed it, home workouts


6. Whopper selection: You don’t need to be a member to access GymNation’s 800 online workouts

To access the classes for free, check GymNation ‘gram account and click on the Les Mills On Demand link in their profile


5. There are bucketloads of home workout challenges from NRG fitness

Find them here


4. Expect no less than 6 live-streamed classes per day from one of the country’s biggest gym chains

Find Fitness First here


3. No gym? Inner Fight gives you ZERO excuse not to get a proper workout done

Find Inner Fight here


2. No equipment needed and you can still Crank it alllll the way up

Find Crank home workouts here


1. The famously sticky Warehouse Gym workouts can easily be done from your living room – yeow!

Find more here


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