8 Times This Hilarious Emirati Couple Showed Us They Were The Ultimate Goals


Instagram personalities and duo vloggers, Khalid Al- Ameri and Salama Mohammed, are the beloved new icons of social media – for several reasons. First things first, they’re both completely hilarious together, and secondly, their videos tend to leave a valuable lesson for their viewers. 

Enough with the pretentious, advertised, superficial influencers, these two are here to stay! 

Here are a few of those hilarious and completely sweet moments that show that this Emirati couple just might be goaaals of the century…

8. When Salama got a job in TV 

And Khalid decided to not only tell her but the world how proud he was of his wife. How adorable.

7. How they both understand each others sense of humor 

6. When Khalid showed us the reality of lying to a wife…

Imagination vs Realities.

5. The truth about ten-year-marriages…

“Khalid, get out!” 

There’s a little Salama in all of us somehow…

4. When Khalid showed us the importance of distance, even in a loving relationship 

And that reference to Khalil Gibran’s words…

3. Or when they showed us the truth about Arabs and being rich 

2. Chai Karak challenge brought out the competitiveness in all of us.. 

This was super sweeeeeet.

1. These two have changed the Insta game for Khaleejis completely

Adding heart, passion and soul into every content.


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