The 10 Best Pizza Spots In Dubai

The 10 Best Pizza Spots In Dubai

One slice, two slices, three slices or more- pizza has become more than just a weekend ‘I-deserve-this’ cheat meal but rather a way of life.

The BEST thing about pizzas is that they can come in different shapes, sizes, forms and include a variety of fresh ingredients. Luckily, we’re spoilt for choice in the city- with options from gourmet, authentic Italian-made pizzas to fully vegan versions, the list is practically endless.

Mind you, there are LOADS of excellent pizzerias in Dubai, but we had to narrow this list down to the peoples’ choice.

So without further ado, we present you with the top 10 BEST pizza spots in Dubai:

How did Lovin Dubai choose the final list?

10. Pizza Express

Pizza Express is known for having a sick atmosphere that’s perfect for large group of friends, or families- with live bands, great service and value for money. It’s easily a go-to hangout, with a 4.4 star rating on Google, showing just how much people love it.

But another thing this Dubai pizzeria is known for is ridiculously appetising pizzas, at great prices.

For AED200, there’s an all-you-can-eat and drink combo that the youngins would sure love!

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9. Papa Murphy’s

Known for its generous toppings on most of its pizza options, especially the veggie one- Papa Murphy’s price points might just be justified thanks to its flavourful taste.

Must-try flavours: chicken garlic, veggie and Margherita.

P.S. There’s even a pocket-friendly option for AED30 that gives you options like either having the combo of any large salad + any small pizza + any pasta or tomato soup + 4 pc chicken wings + any small salad.

Sounds like an excellent work lunch deal!

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8. Debonair

This pizza place is an entire experience all on its own. From the quick service, unique crusts and specially-curated pizzas, it’s no wonder Debonair has hit the hearts of many Dubai residents.

Don’t leave without trying the Mexican Fiesta pizza.

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7. Russo’s

If you crave that NY style pizza, worry no longer.

Russo’s brings you just that, with gluten-free options, quality taste, and only a FRESH pizza that makes you forget all your life’s worries- even just for a moment.

Got a party? How about ordering twenty-eight-inch pizza, which is the largest in the UAE.

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6. Rossovivo Artisan Pizza

Just as its name bears, Rossovivo brings you authentic Italian pizzas straight out of a wood-fired, Neapolitan oven.

Do NOT miss out on this absolute gem. Please.

Did we mention, they make heart-shaped pizzas for Valentines Day too? Can’t think of a better V-Day gift.

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5. Luigia

Although there’s a lack of a chicken pizza, there’s still quite a great selection at Luigia’s.

Neapolitans have even left Google reviews praising the taste of the pizzas here.

Worth the price, great ambience and keen focus on detail down to the sauces, olive oil and other ingredients sourced straight outta Italia.


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4. Pulcinella


This cosy Dubai gem’s chef hails from Napoli (the birthplace of pizza), so it’s no surprise why the wow factor of their pizzas is indescribable unless you try it.

Then you’ll understand.

The best part? It’s not as expensive but just as authentic as you would have it in Italy.


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3. Carluccio’s

Want gluten-free pizza and plates of pasta? Carluccio’s is set to be your new fave, if so.

With branches across the region, this Italian chain has proven itself to be quite the OG when it comes to nostalgia-bringing, Italian dishes. Not to mention, they’ve now got an AWE-some vegan menu.

Many swear some of their dishes taste just as it would in Rome.

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2. Freedom Pizza

It’s admirable how far this homegrown local restaurant has come yet can stay consistent with the promise of fresh ingredients, and staying true to its values of giving back to the world and its communities.

If you want a place that’ll tell you exactly where your food comes from, with all-natural cheese, hormone-free chicken and organic produce- you’ll always crave it. See for yourself.

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1. Pitfire Pizza

According to our senior writer, Casey, Pitfire is..

“This is the best pizza in Dubai and don’t let anyone tell you any different’. Pizzas done right are all about a good base, and sauce to cheese to topping ratio. If there was a science formula to figuring it out, Pitfire would be top of the class for figuring it out.”

And as per the results from all our social media polls, it seems the public love Pitfire too.

Who could blame ’em?

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Other note-worthy mentions:

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