Spaces To Reach Out If You Need Mental Health Support In Dubai

Anika Eliz Baby

Dealing with tough times is not easy, but you do not have to go through it alone.

Here is a list of places that are offering mental health support in Dubai

Please do not hesitate to reach out. An 8-minute conversation before any decision can make a huge difference.

This list has been compiled with help from the Men’s Mind Guide– a free guide for men in the UAE going through mental health issues. Find it here. Direct your thanks to @auntiereem for taking the initiative to compile this information!

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Counselling (ONLINE)

Counselling (In Person)



Grief Counseling

Lighthouse – Raymee Grief Center (Free Support Group)


Recovery Coach – Ahmed “Alton” Tacubanza  +971 58 594 3611

Transformation Coach – Benoit

12-Step Programs for Addictions

Self Care Behaviors: 


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