People Are Paying Over 45AED For This Viral Ice Cream And Stores Have Capped How Many You Can Buy


This viral mango shaped ice cream is all the rage right now! Everyone wants to try it after seeing it on socials, so much so that stores are limiting the amount people can buy – and charging up to 45AED…

After UAE based blogger @z.blogs posted this video on TikTok, people from all over the world were asking where they can get it. The comments were flooded with questions from the people of the U.S, UK, Thailand, Egypt, Iran and lots of other countries – but the ice cream is sold right here in the UAE!

With demand all the way up, so are the prices and availability!

They can be found in small grocery stores as well as ice cream specialist stores. Some shops are out of stock, some are limiting 2 ice creams per person and some stores in global village are charging a whopping 45AED!

Commenters had mixed reviews, with some saying the ice cream is delicious whilst some saying it’s not worth the current price increase




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