A Peaceful Protest Took Place At COP28 This Morning

Farah Makhlouf

Protests and demonstrations are banned in the UAE and they rarely ever happen. However, COP28 guests were greeted by a rare sight… a peaceful protest.

That’s right, a group of activists arrived at the conference and set up a small peaceful demonstration in Dubai

They held one hand up in the air and carried a banner that said “ceasefire” which related to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and its civilians. One of the protestors was listing the names of the Palestinian children who were killed as a result.


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You might be wondering if what this group did this morning was illegal. But it’s actually not!

The UN and the UAE agreed before COP28 that free expression would be allowed throughout the duration of the event

Prior approvals would be needed but it’s good to go. According to AP News, “Israeli security personnel from a pavilion on site briefly argued over the protest with United Nations police on hand guarding the Blue Zone, an area overseen by the U.N. where the negotiations take place.” Security is seen in the video ushering and moving people along to keep the demonstration peaceful.

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