AI Was Asked To Reimagine What Women From The UAE Look Like And The Results Are Off

Farah Makhlouf

Artificial Intelligence is a very powerful tool, capable of illustrating, writing and creating pretty much anything. People are using it for business or for fun and it’s usually reliable. Those who use AI for fun, use it to reimagine their world… what countries would look like as Barbie World; what people from other countries would wear; and what the future would look like.

It’s definitely fun to play around with but AI doesn’t know best. AI takes prompts to extreme and that’s why when it’s asked to imagine people from different countries, the results are off.

AI was asked many times to imagine what women from the UAE look like but each time the results were unrealistic

AI uses stereotypes as a prompt to create people from different countries

“An analysis of more than 5,000 images created with Stable Diffusion found that it takes racial and gender disparities to extremes — worse than those found in the real world” Bloomberg stated.

When AI was asked to imagine Barbie from different countries, the result for the UAE was very off!

When asked to imagine the most beautiful woman from the UAE, AI presented this:

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